10,000 YouTube Targeted Views


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  • 10,000 YouTube Targeted Views
  • Real People
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Highest Retention
  • Improves Ranking
  • 1 to 5 Days Completion


We use Real people from around the world to watch your videos, giving you 100% authentic service and an organic boost to your YouTube channel.

BuyMoreYoutubeViews can offer our clients the chance for them to buy targeted YouTube views from any country they choose. This is another key as to why we stand out from the rest. Having targeted YouTube views is important to have. Many of our clients are artists looking to be noticed, we always advise them to purchase targeted YouTube views for when they do a local event. This can also be very helpful for businesses looking to target a specific market. Our targeted views are high retention which is very important, high retention views means the viewer will watch your video for 80 % of the way or more.

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