Please enter your custom comments and  video URL at the checkout page so we can process your order without any problems.

  • 100 YouTube High Retention Views
  • Customise Your Comments
  • Comments left by Real Viewers
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Real User Views
  • Improves Ranking
  • 1 to 4 Days Completion


How to Write Your Custom Comments?

When you make your purchase you will see an option that states ” notes ” You can write your custom comments in there. Please make sure you are very clear that you want to write your own comments when making the purchase so they are not missed. Make sure you are using the comments to your best ability. The comments will still be uploaded by real people who are watching your video but they receive an incentive to post a comment that you have chosen. This is a very powerful marketing tool that should not be missed.


Let us be the first to tell you that a video with positive comments is just as good as a video that has gone viral. The more positive comments you have the more people talk about you which then leads to you gaining more views, subscribers, and likes. We always suggest to our clients to buy YouTube comments to give them a healthy account. We even go as far as letting you write your own custom comments and having the viewers place them for you !! The viewers will never make a negative comment about you as the people who view your page are people that are generally interested in what you are promoting. The people who comment will also watch your video the whole way through which leads you getting a few extra high retention views.

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