Yes ! These are real people who have taken the time to view your link, over a period of time we have grown a vast amount of affiliate networks who will carry out certain tasks for us i.e ask their clients or promote your link, in return they will receive our services at a discounted price.

Yes! If for example you wanted 100,000 views but spread over a period of seven days we can arrange that. This way you save money and have a healthy amount going on each day.

We always suggest high retention views to our clients as this means your video has been watched most of the way. If you are a client that is just interested in a high count and have disabled their analytics then we would say normal views. This all depends on how healthy you want your video.

Depending on the speed of the social network as well as the speed of users following/liking your profile, it can take from 3 hours and up to 2 days before you see new followers so please be patient after ordering. After ordering you will be emailed the order receipt that will have important details so please read it!

For orders that include the lifetime guarantee, we will always add new followers if the followers unfollow you at anytime in the future. Also keep in mind that we always add 10% extra followers on every order to cover any unfollowers.

All that you have to do is send us an email and we will take care of it!

You have the option to spread them out over past or future photos that you upload! On the order page you will be able to specify your preferences on the notes sections.

Its  possible to spread your order out over a period of time if your ordering over 5,000 this is spread over a few days. Please keep in mind that we have been doing this for many years and our proprietary social network will never process at a rate that will jeopardize your account.

Due to the nature of real users, we cannot guarantee how much activity the followers will do because it is completely up to each follower and we do not control them. Any company that guarantee’s activity from their followers is not legitimate.

Absolutely not! Unlike other services, you are not required to follow other users in order to get the followers

There is no limit on any of our services. You can order as many times as you like and as often as you like!

Unfortunately we cannot remove followers that have been added through our service. This is because we do not control them since they are real users.

No. Our website lists all of our available packages that can be ordered.

We only accept payments with paypal, however you can instead pay with just a credit card by clicking the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” on the paypal login screen.

We strongly urge you NOT to change your profile username for two reasons. First, we are only able to replace followers to the username on your order. Secondly, our followers will not recognize your account under a different username and you will lose many followers.

NO! We are a real legal company with hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world. We have been in business for many years and one of the main reason that we use PayPal is because it is the safest payment method for any buyer on the internet and it protects you from losing money to scam companies. Many of our customers come to us after already being scammed by another service and become very loyal to us once they see our results!